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Thread: How do!

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    How do!

    Hi all,

    Been shooting/stalking most of my life. Use a Sako .243 hense the name, Also shoot phesants in a syndicate, Go beating, rough shooting, wildfowling, Fly fishing. Vermin control almost daily Foxes, rabbits etc.

    Happy hunting !!

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    Hi Sako.243, welcome to the forum!
    Sounds like you should have a lot to say and I for one can't wait to hear some of it.

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    welcome sako,hope you enjoy the site im sure you will.

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    Welcome to the site, it sounds as if you have a busy life, looking forward to hearing about it.


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    Thanks guys, Work Off-Shore so that buys me time off to do what i enjoy.

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    Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy reading the many posts and threads on here. Look forward to reading your posts.


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