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Thread: Cape wrath

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    Cape wrath

    I know this is a stalking forum and my question is on trout fishing, but I am hoping that there may be some SD members who either reside in the north of Scotland and others who may know something about the trout fishing in the Limestone lochs at Durness.

    I have a few days to take off at the end of May or early June and it has always been an ambition of mine to fish these lochs so any advice on when and what tactics to use and who to contact and where to stay etc would be most welcome.

    Many thanks

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    Hope this link works.

    Loch Watten, Saint Johns Loch area couple worth a visit, traditional wet fly drift fishing


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    Many thanks for this Bodach. I have fished both StJohns Loch and Loch Watten and two very good lochs too. This time I want to fish further west at Durness.

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    I once stayed in the Cape Wrath hotel on some other business and it seemed that they also ran the fishing in the lochs too!
    Sounds like all problems solved with maybe one phone call!

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    Well someone who knows their trout fishing, I can help I will PM you details of the people who have the fishing on the limestone lochs.

    unfortunatly MS the Cape Wrath hotel is no more like alot of the sporting hotels around here.
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    I can pm you the number for Andrew Marsham, Rispond Estate, who have a boat on Caladail, if you haven't already got it from some-one else. He also has a B&B operation at Caberfeidh in Durness. He also has some wee lochs along the Polla at the south end of Loch Eriboll. The river is great for sea-trout and salmon but not this early I suspect. He has a cottage for let by the Polla as long as you don't mind bothy style!!
    I stayed at a place called Morven last week and it was good. Right next door to Smoo Cave Hotel for booze and grub.
    I have in the past got an early boat over to Capeside and got the shuttle bus that goes to the lighthouse, you can jump off the bus near some of the lochs by the road and have a fish, catching a later bus back.
    Caladail can be really good and also really frustrating!!
    Hope this helps.

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    gerrard, don't worry about the PM I've already passed on my info, but thanks for the endorsment!!!
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    don't want thanks --give me whisky!!

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    try a blue bottle nymph

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    naaa--rather have Highland Park thanks all the same

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