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Thread: Binoculars for a new stalker - any help please

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    Binoculars for a new stalker - any help please

    I'm in the market for a new pair of binoculars - most of my stalking will be on Roe or Fallow in or around woodland. As I'm new to stalking I don't want to pay a kings ransom for a pair and I'm looking at Minox or an older pair of Zeiss. Any help would be really appreciated.

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    Bought myself a pair of Minox 8x42 about 18 months ago use them for roe + fallow.
    Great price for some good quality glass. Minox will not dissapoint.
    All the best Luke

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    Hi, i am a Minox fan as well ,although i do have a pair of Swarovski 7 x 42 the Minox are my first choice when i go out.

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    If you are stalking in woodland, and I'm sure you already know this, you will spend a lot of hours in a stalking day using your binos so that is as good a reason as any to go with the best quality you can reasonably afford. I use a pair of Minox HGs myself and at the time I paid 400 for them though I think they are a lot more expensive than that now. I've looked through others costing a lot more cash but I'm not considering changing my Minox and am very happy with them. If you have infinite funds then I would suggest you buy Swaro first time around as you will always feel that you should have a pair and there is no question that they set the standard, especially for customer service. Also don't ignore the possibility of buying second hand, MacLeods of Tain get a very good reputation and often have second hand stock.

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    You won't go far wrong with Minox, but have a look at older swaro's or some Leica Trinovids which you will pick up for about 400 quid secondhand.
    You didn't mention magnification, but if woodland stalking, don't go above 7x or 8x mag, and if stalking fallow you will need a pair which are good in low light so you'll need an objective of 42 or more. However, 8 x 56 can be quite heavy, so I'd personally go for something VERY close to 7 x 42.
    Zeiss did a model called BGAT which are great binos but still fetch a very good price too sadly!

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    I use Minox HGs, but they are quite expensive now so might be a bit of a push for you if you are just starting. I would suggest you look at Bushnell legends 10x42s ....try and get the older model if you can. They are cracking binos for the money, very clear and bright , was looking at a Roe buck at the end of my garden this eve with my girlfriends Bushnell 10 x 42s infact and had to chuckle at how good they were ...having just bought the Minox HGs. I know guys with Swaros who have used the Bushnells and were gobsmacked at how good they are, I think that speaks volumes, yeah they are not Swaros but like I say superb for the money. I even bought my dad a pair last month for his 70th....think they were 209 for the old model...took some searching though...pop into PC World or Currys as they have the new version
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    I recently got a deal on some swaro's but I was very impressed with the bushnells, I think 10x will be too much for woodland, I've just replaced my 10x50 bressers as in woodland the mag made me feel seasick, on 8x42 now. I have to say for 80 the bressers did me well for 2 years.

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    Piece of advice given to me long time ago pick a dull rainy day to go look for some as you will be stood in a shop on a good day to test light gathering.Bright sunny days everthing looks good.

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    I went to Swillington SS in the autumn to look at their bino selection. I had similar criteria to you ; value, as good as I could afford. I went right on the edge of darkness and tried leopold, bushnell, Steiner, Kahles.

    The Kahles won hands down in the dying moments of light and the 8x42's have good field of view, excellent build quality and clarity from edge to edge. The Steiner had build quality issues - I was on the look out for them though following a previous viewing in another retailer. The bushnell were ok, clear and apparent value for money however they did not feel as good inthe hand and failed as darkness developed. The Leopold were fine. just fine, not a lot to write up or put down.

    I have seen the Kahles on offer in a number of places (can't quite remember what price they were but 550 is probably not too far off).

    I don't foresee them having to be replaced for many years to come.


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    Hope it's OK to post the link; another member mentioned that Sportsman has a Minox sale on, in case you were interested? Soory if you were already aware.

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