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Thread: Nissan Terrano

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    Nissan Terrano

    Any users of a Nissan Terrano on this forum? What is your opinion on this 4x4. I can buy a 3.0 TD from 2004 with low mileage. Plan to use it as a 4x4 van. To transport my dogs, go stalking in the UK , go to trials with dogs, .....
    I want a no nonsense 4x4 which is strong and reliable. Don't need all those electric stuff that you never use. Can you drive him onroad in 4x4 when the roads are snowy ?

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    I have a a terrano, had two in fact both three door 2.7 diesels. Excellent motor, very good offroad, done everything I have ever asked of it. Current one has 120K miles and never had a major problem. Regularly use it to pull horse boxes, boat and caravan. In the bad weather with town & countries and occassional use of the low ratio gear box it drove everywhere, never got stuck once.
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    A good friend of mine is on his second after having one since possibly the 1990s and running it into the ground. He likes it very much. Bit agricultural but does everything he wants it to do it seems.

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    I've had a lot of them - very nice but the quality went downhill after Renault took them over.
    I had a 3.0 ltr auto (04 reg) that was a disaster, the rear axle had to be changed after the diff failed and the gear box changing mechanism died the death.
    I run an old S reg 2.7 ltr 3 door now - it's excellent and runs on straight biodiesel (as does the larger Shogun Sport).
    Go for an older 2.7 with mileage below 80k

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    I bought a 1999 LWB one 6mnths ago as a shooting bus.

    Loads of space in the back, bit light on 'cubby holes'/storage space up front, sunroof makes it ace for lamping, and we haven't got it stuck yet. I've just had to spend some dosh getting corroded fuel lines and a brake line replaced (it was dripping diesel over the floor - thought it odd I was only getting 7mpg!!).

    Farmer mate of mine has a SWB commercial that is his work-truck so it gets some hammer, but it's still going strong.

    I like mine.
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    Had one, no complaints, 28mpg average, never got stuck with it, liked it only prob I had was front sterring rack needed replacing not cheap and ate up the tyres before I noticed it, a bit light in the steering for hard off roading, keep thumbs out of steering wheel spoke!


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    I have had a Terrano for about 4 years now and it has been a great vehicle and I would be very inclined to get another one if I ever manage to kill it.

    As has been mentioned the sun roof is good for lamping (although not as good as on the X-Trail which is twice the size), as are the wide wing mirrors.

    In terms of problems, the injector run off pipes are rubber and have a habit of perishing, it starts off as a weep and then gets worse. (It may be that the replacement hose that I am using -Halfords- isn't an exact fit) It is easy to replace them though, undo 4 bolts and 2 jubilee clips and the air intake lifts off. Remove and replace the offending length of hose (6 inches worth) that is daisy chained between the injectors and bolt back together, all of which takes me 20 minutes and I am not remotely mechanically minded.

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    Very popular here with the farmers, which is a sure sign they are reliable and easy to live with, and cheap to run. SWB 2.7 diesel is the way to go.

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    In fact I was looking around to find a decent Discovery TD5 ( 2002/2004), when this Terrano showed up. Model 2004 but 3.0TD engineand low mileage. Is this 3 lit engine that bad?

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    Had a year 2000 2.7 Tdi SE+ Auto for a couple of years never had a single problem with it, good old bus. Spec was pretty good & good off road with the right tyres.

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