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    * NOW SOLD *

    Having this week off from work and the arrival of some new reloading stuff I have been having a good sort out . I have several bits and pieces that I have duplicates of , and some that will be no good to me as I am turning to the dark side of target shooting and will not be stalking as much .

    Ideally this is a complete reloading kit for someone who wants to reload for .243/.308
    I will however split if needed.

    Digital vernier 15.00
    Frankford Arsenel electronic scales 15.00
    Lee Press 25.00
    Redding dies full length and seater in .243 and .308 25.00 ea
    2x Hornady modified cases .243/.308 5.00 ea
    Hornady OAL gauge 15.00
    2x Adjustable carbide case trimmer .243/.308 8.00 ea
    Wilson deburring /chamfer tool 5.00
    L/R Primer pocket uniformer tool 10.00
    Primer flash hole deburring tool 10.00
    Lee powder thrower 15.00
    RCBS lube pad with lee and rcbs lube 6.00
    Redding No 5 powder trickler (new) 15.00
    RCBS collet bullet puller (new) 15.00
    2x Collets for the above .243/.308 6.00 ea
    120ish mixed brass .243 once and twice fired 10.00
    90 odd once fired .243 lapua cases 20.00
    90 odd once fired .308 lapua cases 20.00

    200.00 for the lot (preferable) Happy to split if no takers for the lot postage extra

    There is a lot more stuff but i,m now bored so will post another time.

    Cheers Brough

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    if you're willing to split I would like the redding .243 die and seater please

    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Hi Brough
    Please put me down for the Redding powder trickler and the Hornady OAL gauge for if you don't sell it all at once.

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    A Big thanks to Brough for all the reloading kit and extensive lesson in reloading!

    Much appreciated mate.... A TOP Bloke!


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