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    starting reloading

    hi, i,m going to have ago at reloading and my local gun shop has a lee 50th anniversary kit on the shelf. does this kit have everything i need to get going or would i need to add more kit.cheers stav

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    Stav for my money the Lee kit offers some things that you don't need and leaves out some things you do plus to do case trimming and so on you still have to add some bits. Plus I'm willing to bet you will want to add a hand priming system.

    It would be worthwhile pricing the individual parts to see if you couldn't do it for less, also you might pick up a 2nd hand press and other bits on here with a wanted posting in the classified ads section.

    Here is a photo of what I reload with, the press and a power funnel are missing from the picture. It can probably be done with less but this is what I've decided upon as a minimum such that the I enjoy the process and don't have to fiddle about too much and so on.

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    Apart from their "factory crimp" die and the yellow plastic powder scoops I don't like Lee products. I would certainly NEVER ever consider a Lee press. Go for something like a RCBS Rockchucker (or copy) secondhand and you won't go wrong. I have one in the classifieds and the Aussie Simplex copy of it.

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    Alright Stav,
    I have a 50th anniversary kit. I bought a set of deluxe dies and separate scales and a few other bits i did not need. I would buy the 2nd edition reloading manual by Richard Lee,and read it, before you buy any kit. It is a great read and will help you make an informed choice. Ed.

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