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    Many months is my view. I was going to suggest last year but it looks like the vegetation around it was quite lush before being killed off by the toxins given off by the decaying body. So the earliest I would go for would be early spring this year.

    CSI East Midlands.

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    It obviously wasn`t there when the farmer first sowed hi crop, and to be honest a carcasse does not take a long time to decompose in warm weather. It will have been fly blown within hours of dying and they will have hatched off into maggots within 1 or 2 days.
    The question i would be asking myself is how it might have died, although natural causes is a probability, you should be asking if it was shot at by poachers or has the stalker on this or neighbouring ground taken a bad shot without following it up.


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    How old was it?

    You could then judge the antler development normal for the area against the bucks antlers that would give you a starting point for length of time it had been dead.

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    Looks to me as though its been there about 4 to 5 months. The only way you will really tells its age is by the teeth. Its obvious its a mature animal but it appears from the photograph supplied that something (ie rats etc) have chewed the spellers off the antlers, so its not so easy to judge the age by the antlers in this case, at least thats my opinion.

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    This is all a bit of guess work and deduction,

    Its looks as though it was still in velvet when it died and,
    This year the fallow in the park did not start to cast until I came down to Quex, this would mean had it died then it would have had no antlers,
    the antlers look fairly well developed but depending on area I may well be wrong!

    Last Aug a muntjac was knocked over on the track down to the house I left the carcass on the verge to see now quickly it decomposed It took less than 2 weeks to just be skin and bones.

    My guess would be less than 6 weeks.

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    is the crop winter rape or spring rape?
    that will give an indication when the crop was planted , even the farmer can tell you that
    looking at the way the mask has decomposed suggests atleast 3 months
    looking at the antler formation gives you no idication of actual age possibly 8years +
    as for cause of death thats easy
    why cos you can see his ribs

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