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Thread: A couple of larder questions?

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    A couple of larder questions?

    I'm just in the (protracted) process of getting my deer larder up to scratch. The plastic wall cladding arrived today, along with various jointing and corner strips, to line out the cutting area, so the walls are sorted and I'm onto the last few jobs before bunging the paperwork into the Council:

    Q1: I need to cover the marine ply floor of the cutting area with some kind of seamless covering. I have had a fairly hefty quote for a suitably hardwearing vinyl floor and was wondering if I could use rubberised paint instead - the kind of rubber non-slip stuff that boat decks are painted with? It would be seamless, washable with a pressure washer, impervious to blood or chemicals etc etc. It's available from marine chandlers, which is hand as I'm off to west wales sea fishing tomorrow and I could pick some up over the weekend. It's not exactly cheap but it's around a third of the cost of vinyl flooring. My EHO was a bit vague beyond the seamless and washable bit...

    Q2this is a bit of a food retailing one rather than being strictly venison related). What are the rules around labelling food products for sale, e.g. weights and measures, use by dates etc. I've struggled to find any decent guidance beyond ingredient labeliling. How do you set a use by date 0 is there any guidance that would allow me to set this for, say, venison sausages without artificial preservatives? Do I need to give any freezer guidance or is it down to the purchaser to decide whether to freeze their purchase and for how long? Also, do I need to do anything about accuracy of product weights beyond that offered by decent quality domestic scales?

    Any help appreciated before I tie myself in more knots!



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    we process all our game here which amounts to the full 10,000 units per year. The scales have to be approved. I have a spare set that go upto 15kg I believe. PM me if they are of interest.

    The flooring has to be washable. I have vinyl which laps up the wall about 4 inches. I put painting to them but they suggested that if it cracked it may be a problem to fix. However they dont tell you to do anything. you see the onus is on your not to kill anyone. thats when the smelly stuff will hit the fan.

    And this is the problem with sell by dates and the like. There is no rules. I asked if I should wash pheasants out or not . They did not know. I asked all the questions that you are asking and no one will give you the definitive answer. We label with a best before date rather than a eat by date. That then makes it the buyers responsability. We label for 7 days after processing.

    Send me a PM and I will give you a number to ring if you want a chat.

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    Agree with Mark above.

    Just had our second visit of EHO and our first visit off trading standards.

    If I can be of help pm me and we'll have a chat.

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    Hi if you are going down the paint on route for your floor try looking on the web for a firm called polycote.I have used their products on kennel floors,if it will stand dog xxxxxx etc plus scratching claws then it should do you well.

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