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Thread: Match grade target ammunetion 180GR in 300 win mag

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    Question Match grade target ammunetion 180GR in 300 win mag

    Hi guys hope u all are doing well. Wondring if any1 knows where can I get solid ammunetion for target shooting 180GR in 300 WM. I have searched many places and it seems to be a lot of makers do 190gr or 145gr but I'm after some factory loaded 180grs, I don't homeload so it has to be factory. Any suggestions you guys might have?
    Many thanks

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    The US Government used one-of-a-kind Winchester Model 70 single shots for 600M comps years ago. They were 300WM and used handloads, but never reloads. My instructor at Trinidad State College was the senior gunsmith for the US Army marksmanship unit and was adamant that factory ammo was made incorrectly. All their custom match rifles headspaced on the shoulder, ignoring the belt. When they shot match ammo they used weighed and sorted cases, air-gaged bullets, and precisely measured powder charges of (always) same lot powder. The cartridges were assembled with gear that was custom made and maintained for precise alignment and tolerance. He pulled some 300M machine-rest targets from a file that had 30 shots in a little over an inch. He claimed at the time (mid-eighties) that no factory ammo could rival this accuracy due to the insistence on headspacing on the belt, but if you got lucky enough to have a 300WM that happened to headspace on the shoulder, it would be a shooter.

    Just food for thought.~Muir

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