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Thread: lymes disease

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    lymes disease

    not sure if this is the right section but plese feel free to move it if not
    now then norman
    lymes disease i think you know why i ask the question as i know it is now rife in the chesire area
    i hav seen several reported cases in the local rag (metro news)
    and now found out a good friend of mine has contracted it
    how bad is it and what are the early warning signs,
    i know lymes disease can be life threatening
    any help would be apprecitated by myself and others, that i am sure of

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    Hi Stone,

    Sorry to hear about your friend, The best advice I think I can offer is to research the disease on the internet as most local GP's are not really up to speed on the disease. It can actually have many different early symptoms or indeed no real early symtoms at all. A few of my mates have been diagnosed and have received treatment and I myself was given the Anti biotic course as a precautionary measure ( it made feel worse than 6 months of Chemo) A good site to look at is

    All the best Remmy7

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    cheers remmy
    what an interesting site
    would you mind if i ask admin to put it as a sticky or announcement so it remained at the top of the list for ever more, as this is obviously a important consideration to bear in mind with finding ticks on a beast or yourself

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    A run down on Lyme Disease.
    Firstly it is a zoonosis. That is transmissible between animals and humans.

    Symptoms:- All the diagnostic features mention a red spot around the tick bite which gradually spreads outwards. This occurs in less than 40% of cases. The main presenting signs are flu like but can range from tiredness/fatigue/generally feeling unwell/headache/temperature/muscle and joint pains/stiff neck/swollen glands. these cover a multitude of diseases. Stone and I both know of a stalker who had double vision. After a night looking into the bottom of glasses initially less than sympathetic.
    Sorry will need to go into fair detail so you are forearmed. The tick bites you and injects the infection. Not only are Borrelia burgdorfer present but other bacteria as well you then develop a bacteriaemia. This means bacteria get into the bloodstream and are spread around the body and attacks different organs. This then becomes the major presenting symptom,in joints (arthritis),brain similar to meningitis. The spirochaete Bb also enters the cells and forms a coat around itself. There is a transitory immune response before this and blood taken at this point may give a positive
    In medicine, drugs are tested for MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) To be effective the level has to be above this the whole time. Now the antibiotic level has to be above this when the bacteria loose this coat as they multiply. Also to be effective it has to be at a very high level to penetrate the cells. Double dose normally.
    The initial problem with the GP is generally they now nothing about zoonosis because they are not lectured on them. If you are lucky they may look it up on the internet and there is where the fun starts. Our own HPA ( health protection agency) has adopted he guidelines of the IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America) expert group. Unfortunately these are based on faulty science.
    If you are lucky? may take a blood sample for testing which is hit or miss, there are 3 tests available but often they don't agree on the same sample.
    If it is negative don't have the disease because they don't know how to interpret the result !!!!!
    The HPA suggests a short course of antibiotics. I disagree on personal observation. When we have diagnosed and treated working dogs have always doubled the normal dose and kept them on it for a long course. Chronic Lyme Disease is difficult to treat and is potentially very nasty.
    Anyone want clarification pm me.

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    Read the Wendy Fox story, it`s very sad and a real eye opener.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone
    as this is obviously a important consideration to bear in mind with finding ticks on a beast or yourself
    i have found lots of ticks on the deer in my area. horrible little *******s.

    skinning gets more on my arms/ hands etc i have to check constantly and brush them off before they get a chance to dig in.

    so far i have had 2 that burrowed into both of my knees. fairly small ticks about the size of a pin head.

    some1 at the CLS advised me to make a ring of vasaline
    around my.......... wrists to prevent them from crawling too far up.

    holy ****..

    just found this ..and this is my area :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xim

    holy ****..

    just found this ..and this is my area :O
    This article advocates tick removal with "tweezers", which I understand can increase the risk of a) an inadvertently squeezed tick 'throwing up' into the bite site and b) leaving bits of its head embedded in you - both of which increase the risk of infection.

    I always carry an O'Tom tick removal tool as suggested by thes folk:

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    i have 2 of those i bought for my dog and have used them approx' 4-5 times in the last year

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    Quote Originally Posted by morena
    Stone and I both know of a stalker who had double vision. After a night looking into the bottom of glasses initially less than sympathetic.
    i remember this evening well,
    and also the next morning, it was the morning i shot my first ever sika, but thats another story
    the stalker in question went to a doctors surgery in Tarbet (argyll) on the monday morning where they spoke about lymes as there was an associaton with deer but treated him for a minor stroke , this was almost 3 years ago and now it turns out to be lymes

    Quote Originally Posted by morena
    Anyone want clarification pm me.
    please , please , please
    anyone with any doubt at all take up norman's (morena) offer of clarification
    it may save your health or even your life

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    i seem to be very lucky, as i hav never found a tick on any of the deer i hav shot
    except a roe buck once down devon way
    so i touch wood every night and thank my lucky stars but still keep a sharp eye out just in case
    you never know
    becarefull , be safe

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