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Thread: Savage Model 10 Varmint in .308??

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    Savage Model 10 Varmint in .308??

    Evening All,

    Does anyone have any experience of the above rifle? I've done a search on here and there doesn't seem to be much recent stuff on them. Going via google I don't seem to be able to fnd much other than police/law enforcement versions. All I have gleaned Is that it appears to be on the heavier side, is that right?
    Any info would be appreciated,



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    I have shot them. The word "varmint" usually indicates that it is heavy, indeed. Very accurate tho... I seldom see people buy varmint weight rifles for general stalking that don't later regret the excess weight.~Muir

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    Thanks Muir - in this case does varmint mean a fluted barrel usually or just a heavy one?! By the time it has a mod and scope on it I'm guessing it's going to be a fair old weight.

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    I purchased a savage model 12 VLP DBM .243 it was going to be a pure stalking rifle but once I got it home and really started to play with it has become both stalking rifle and a fantastic long range foxing rifle. I am at the moment using factory ammo until I have brass and then I will start to develop a load, it’s shooting 5 round groups at 100y and it doesn’t mater if they are fired rapidly or from a cold barrel. But as far as the weight is concerned they are heavyyyy most of my stalking is short walks maybe 1 or 2 hours, it is not a rifle that I would want to have to carry all day every day. I have only been able to take it out maybe a dozen times so far, so time will tell. It horses for courses as far as a varmint barrel is concerned, I prefer a heavy rifle to shoot, but it sure makes for hard work when you have to drag or carry out a beast.


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