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Thread: Slight changes to Wild and Farmed Game Meat Regs

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    Slight changes to Wild and Farmed Game Meat Regs

    Letter recieved this morning from the FSA:

    To Interested Parties

    20 April 2011

    Dear Sir/Madam


    I am writing to inform you of recent amendments to Regulations (EC) 853/2004 and 854/2004 that are contained in Commission Regulations 150/2011 and 151/2011 respectively.

    These will apply from 13 June 2011 and Commission Regulation 150/2011 which amends Regulation 853/2004 can be obtained from the following link:

    and Commission Regulation 151/2011 which amends Regulation 854/2004 from the following link:

    These amendments allow food business operators (FBOs) to carry out the certification of the correct slaughter and bleeding of farmed game and to confirm the date and time of slaughter. The new measures are linked to the new EU protection of animals at slaughter Regulation (1099/2009) that will apply from 01 January 2013. Among other things, this will require all those carrying out slaughter of animals for human consumption, to be competent in carrying out these tasks.

    The new arrangements for certification combine the certification of the results of the ante mortem inspection with certification that the animals were slaughtered and bled correctly together and confirmation of the date and time of slaughter. The new form to be used for this purpose is attached and must accompany the bodies of slaughtered animals that are sent to a slaughterhouse for dressing. The FBO must certify the date and time of slaughter and that the animals were slaughtered and bled correctly.

    The new arrangements will also require periodic checks on the competence of those who perform the slaughter and bleeding of the animals. Defra is currently working with Improve, the Sector Skills Council, to develop competences for all slaughter operations that will lead to an appropriate qualification as part of the arrangements required by Regulation 1099/2009 from 1 January 2013.

    In the meantime, this Agency will be asking Approved Veterinarians (AVs) or Official Veterinarians (OVs) to undertake an assessment before 1 January 2013 of the competence of all those who perform these tasks on farmed game. Whenever possible, this will be carried out by AVs or OVs when they visit to carry out an ante mortem inspection of the animals prior to slaughter.

    The amendments to Regulation 853/2004 also make some changes to the requirements for wild game. They allow the whole heads of wild game animals susceptible to Trichinella infestation, such as wild boar, to be sent to an establishment for producing a hunting trophy, pending the result of the required test for Trichinella, provided that there is full traceability. They also allow a single declaration by a trained person to cover more than one animal body, provided that each animal is appropriately identified and the declaration bears an indication of the identification number of each animal body covered by it, together with the corresponding date, time and place of killing. All animal bodies covered by a single declaration may only be sent to a single game handling establishment. The declaration indicates that no evidence has been found following examination after killing that the meat presents a health risk and that the animal displayed no abnormal behaviour before it was shot.

    Please contact me if you need any clarification or further information on these changes.

    I have written in similar terms to food business operators at approved on farm slaughter facilities and to Approved Veterinarians.

    Yours sincerely

    Abi Abdul
    Hygiene & Microbiology Division

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    I assume that is a bonus for you a will reduce your costs by not having to pay someone else to do it?
    Does this mean that the cost of farmed venison could come down?
    If so, it could have a detrimental effect on the prices paid by game dealers for wild venison - if indeed they could get any worse!

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