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Thread: Preparing Fillets for cooking

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    Preparing Fillets for cooking

    I have searched for help on this topic but to no avail.

    I have been told that removing that fiddly outer layer of sinew / skin which remains on a fillet once it has been removed from the spine improves the tenderness and presentation of the meat prior to cooking.

    However I tried this out on two roe shot over the weekend and made a complete hash of it. I tried to skin the fillet in the same way as skinning the fur, cutting into the sinew and away from the meat. I tried starting at both the thick and thin end of the fillets and both ways I ended up removing too much meat. This sinew does not seem to peel of easily either.

    Does anyone have any clever tricks or advice on this?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Place the blade of your knfe under the membraine and the tilt the blad up at about a 30% angle then pull the meat to you while letting the knife shave the membraine off .sharpe nife required.
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    Treat it like a fish fillet!
    Lay it flat on a board - sinew side down.
    Make a small cut with a flat bladed boning or fillet knife so that the blade is just between the sinew and meat.
    Hold to SINEW firmly (not the meat) and then slide the blade flat along the board.
    This will remove just the sinew with a very clean and neat slice.

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    It's not easy, but like 6pointer said use a thin sharp knife, reasonably narrow, and angle it up against the membrane. Don't expect it to come off in one go either. If you watched Masterchef the other day, you would see them preparing some awesome looking venison! seared for a short while on either side, then placed in hot melted butter (submerged) for an hour, then cooked on the pan for only 1 minute each side and served nice and pink - beautiful!

    If you ever want the best venison ever, visit Kitchin in Edinburgh (Tom Kitchin)..AMAZING! (when on the menu of course)...

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    Just like M.S. says above, I prefer to do it skin side down and pull that rather than move the blade. You can wiggle the blade a bit to help it along, it all makes a lot more sense doing it than describing it though. Use a filleting/boning knife.

    I've seen people do it like 6 pointer's method, and it works for them, so each will have a favoured method.

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    Start at the centre, cut through the meat to sinue and slide the knife along. roll sinue into fork handle, trap and go the other way. A lot easier than trying from the end if you have not had much practice. If the knife is sharp enough the meat will slide off the sinue unless you hung it too long and it is dry as an old boot

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    Agree with all of the above and do so when preparing for friends etc. But for myself, just slice into rounds and flash fry and munch.

    Does anybody do a rack of venison, like you do a rack of lamb?

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    I agree with all of the above in terms of technique but you are all talking about Loin not fillet, the fillet is on the inside of the carcass. JC

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    Same as MS, treat it the same as a fish.
    Heym, I usually cut a rack of chops out, from the back six ribs forward. One side I rack (french dress I think its called) the other side I cut as chops. I find sika or fallow best for this as roe are so small but they do taste good
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Well covered with advise on this one but I use same method as 6pointer.

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