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Thread: hornady lock and load kit

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    hornady lock and load kit

    hello all. been offered the above kit new for 340.. any views on price? could i get it cheeper if i bought the components on there own? cheers, Mo

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    Unless you are dead set on all the items in the kit, it seems a bit dear. I have a bit of Hornady kit and I like the stuff I have, but having started with an RCBS kit, I now tend to go forever tool comes recommended, rather than a particular brand.

    Regards JCS

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    Mo, I got set up for a lot less.... 125 for basic kit, press, scales, powder measure etc. 30 for a set of carbide dies then a few extra bits and pieces like case trimmer and de-burring tool.

    Oh and a set of digital calipers 20 from machine mart.

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    I use the lock n load quick change adapters for all my dies. IMHO they are worth the money but it depends on how many calibres you are going to end up loading for I have them on a Lee classic cast press and load for 222 223 25-06 303 and will soon be setting up for 7mm-08. The press converter and 3 of the die holders was 20 then it's about 15 for 3 extra die holders so you could convert another brand of press for your 243/30-06 dies for about 35. Before you buy anything have a look on the Smart reloader website they have a sale on RCBS loading gear.

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