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Thread: Rubbish BBC journalism

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    Rubbish BBC journalism

    The BBc news Scotland home page has a link to a story "Gun fired close to primary school". Clicking on the link leads to a story with the headline "Probe after gun fired near Arkleston Primary School".

    Reading the story we learn that a firearm (type unspecified, legality of possession unspecified) was discharged at the door of a flat near the school. Further reading reveals that this happened at 0540 in the morning!

    What is the relevance of the school to the story? Realistically, how can you complain?

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    You expect too much from journalists, remember how short they are of news due to the cap on mobile phone tapping.
    You know what there taught "never ruin a story by telling the truth".

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    Could just be used for a location point. Many would not know the address. Could just have easily said next to Tesco's. The story does not linger on the primary school but does draw your attention.

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    Could just have said Paisley would have been simple much the same as most journalists simple

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    I agre with jimbo. Take a look at the area and you will see that the school is the only notable feature in an otherwise uniform area of housing.

    What would be the nature of this complaint? Might we be in danger of crying wolf?
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    A link would have been helpful...
    But I don't think its crying wolf. The purpose of a headline is to grab attention, so regardless of the school being a point of geographical location, the idea is to be alarmist in order to make more people click on the link. If its a small place, they could have just as easily said gun shot heard at xxx street... wouldn't have grabbed much attention though if they had...
    Definitely complain - won't do any harm to make them at least think.

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    That'll be one of 6pointers

    sorry bud I couldn't help it.


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    Tabloids...80% bull**** and 20% paper
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Gliballs View Post
    Tabloids...80% bull**** and 20% bogpaper
    Fixed it.

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