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Thread: Sporting Rifle

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    Sporting Rifle

    Has anybody seen the May edition of Sporting Rifle?
    I have just has a week away with the wife and dog in a Hotel in town and to fill my time, bought the May edition, it is getting better, quite good in fact.
    There is mention on page ten, the letters page by a subscriber, of a web site that has not been very complimentary of the SR magazine.
    To my mind the letter is written in such a way as to curry favour from the editor in the hope of winning the bottle of Whiskey for best letter, but it didn't.
    The reply by the editor is quite good too, he has a way with words which are not very complimentary to the subscribers to the web site referred to by the letter writer.
    From the letter and the reply, I think Mr James Johnstone may be referring to the SD web site.
    I could be wrong, as I am of similar age to him and at this stage in life often get things wrong.
    Next time any of you are in town, pop into Smiths, the Library and have look on page ten and see what you think.

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    Yes, the mag is better than it used to be, but the blatant product placement can still be a bit painfull (the 150 grain nosera bullet launched from my Brownchester F bolt ploughed through the bucks vitals, kind of thing). I got the same impression as you about Mr Johnstone's letter.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry mac View Post
    the blatant product placement can still be a bit painfull .
    This is the main reason I have stopped buying the mag! - I generally like the articles but although I like to know what tackle people are using, it's something that makes my skin crawl when it it is blatantly rammed down your throat on every line. A summary of equipment at the end of the article should be sufficient to meet the needs of the sponsors without putting it in body of the article? Haven't seen the May edition but am intrigued now, so may just put my prejudices aside and buy a copy (just the once though!)!!

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    Speaking of product placement, saw this in a certain satirical online publication's horoscope section:

    "Product placement takes your usual viewing into odd new areas this week as Fern Britton interviews Tess Daly whilst idly toying with a 14” dildo from the new Ann Summers range."

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    I would hope that the response to such a letter consideres the reasons for why there is issues with the magazine and the bumming up of certain individuals and enless product placement. The gear for the most is out of the reach of joe stalker and that's just annoying to have a page of stuff where every optic for example is worth more than my car!

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    Timney, use the 'Smiths Library' it's only a short letter.
    I must admit tho' regardless of the content, it has some high quality photography and it is printed on good quality paper too.
    I like the picture of my Blaser in the advert on page 41

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    14" dildo??? Fern Britton ??? Wouldn't touch the bloody sides.....

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    Perhaps she could borrow tess dalys dildo. I believe vernons about 6' 4"

    Atb Steve

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    Crikey !! have I missed something I didn't see anything about dildos in the magazine
    I saw the reference to Eunochs but nothing else of a sexual nature.

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    You are i believe all a month behind.
    i recieved the new one 4 days ago it is just "summer" no 64

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