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Thread: .243 100grain ammo

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    .243 100grain ammo

    Hi guys can anybody recomend a good quality 100grain .243 factory ammo, I bought some remmington 100grain sperlock tried them today and they didnt group very well at all, the rifle is a browning a bolt thats only had about 50 rounds through it. I appreciate that all rifles are different and what might shoot we in one wont in another

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    R.W.S. good in a lot of rifles.

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    +1 for rws my rifle also likes winchester , geco 105 grn , but if you can get them try privvi ... cheap as chips but very good in some rifles .

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    I've had good results with sako gamehead through my x bolt

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    had good grouping and results with federal fusion 95gn good luck!

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    winchester does it for me

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    priv suits my a-bolt at the moment but i am a relative newbie and will be looking to improve my own performance and perhaps change the loads once i am sure it isnt my error..


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    I use prvi in my 243 and my 308 both group within 1 inch @100 yards.


    dont worry about too much(ive been there, not now though) zero it and aslong its within a inch to inch half off sand bags, front and back etc leave it alone.

    then practise shooting off sticks @ 100/150 ish yards (not bipod) at a 4/5 inch circle as long as you can hit that. THE DEER WOULD BE DEAD .

    unless your target shooting, the most important part is practicing in field conditions (off sticks etc) cus how many times in the field will the deer hang about for you to get your bipod/sandbags/and all the other load of crap they sell now out ??????

    hope that helps


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    Thanks guys, think I might try some federal in it. Dave I know what you mean I think its just me being a bit cautios it was grouping about 2 inches at 100 yards using my by pod, i used 80grain remington in it and a 3 shot group all the holes in the paper where nearly touching around half inch grouping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hales Smut View Post
    R.W.S. good in a lot of rifles.
    100grn RWS in my sako 75 will give 3/4 inch groups at 100 of the pod.



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