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Thread: Cowardice

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    A few days ago, my wife (who is a retained firefighter) was called out to a traffic accident caused by a car hitting a young Red hind. The car occupants were ok but the deer was obviously mortally wounded (multiple broken bones and probably massive internal bleeding) and lying beside the road.

    The police called a vet immediately to put it down but were told that the only one available could take a couple of hours to get there. My wife called me and asked if there was anything I could do. Although only ten minutes away, I was on my way to a meeting with a client and said that I couldn't help. The vet finally arrived after two and a half hours - five minutes after the deer had died from its injuries.

    The truth is that I could have called the client and postponed, and gone to give the deer a quick and humane death. However, there were police and lots of spectators present and (the world being what it is these days) I was concerned about the potential problems. The thought of that deer lying there on a baking hot day panting out a bitter end to its life now bothers me considerably. I don't know whether I would have been allowed to do anything but I should have tried.

    I'm not writing this to excuse myself - I know what I should have done and will deal with the consequences - but to encourage you all to do whatever you think is right if faced with similar circumstances and not to make the same mistake that I did.

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    What would you have done?
    Do you have humane dispatch on your ticket, would you bleed it out with all those people present?
    Its a sad fact of life that you have unfortunately been touched by.
    Same circumstances I may well have taken the same decision.
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    I would have simply asked those not inclined to see it as a deed well done to leave or turn away and then simply given it a good one with the jack handle to the brain box...instant death with a measured forceful blow.

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    Damned if you did, damned if you didn`t.
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    It was the deer's bad luck. If you'd hit it, I'd have expected you to take care of the deer but you didn't. It's only a freaking deer. You take care of your family first and that means seeing clients when you need to, right? Get real.~Muir

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    I don't know what I would have done in those circumstances, but I have often been called out by police to deal with R.T.As, also sheep worrying dogs etc.

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    It is not your place to feel bad about this. Your constabulary should have a list of deer despatch folk available for call out night and day. Perhaps a letter to them mentioning this case and the despatch lists held by other constabularies would go a little way to preventing this from happening again.
    I was called to attend a deer (roe doe) on the outside lane of the motorway. I asked the policeman why he did not run it over again or smack it with a jack handle or his stick. He said that would be cruel, and so the poor wee thing lay there for an hour (not cruel ???). Once it was dead the policeman would not even help me drag the deer to the verge in case he got blood on his hands or trousers. Now that I think is a coward.

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    Cowardice?, I think not, a bit hard on yourself there, must be loads of us that have either done something , or not done a deed that has left a knot in the stomach, or a doubt in the mind, all part of the human condition really,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    It was the deer's bad luck. If you'd hit it, I'd have expected you to take care of the deer but you didn't. It's only a freaking deer. You take care of your family first and that means seeing clients when you need to, right? Get real.~Muir
    I dont like your attitude towards our quarry sir nothing deserves to suffer for two hours

    regards pete .

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    6 years ago a workmate driving his truck came across a traffic jam caused by a roe being struck by a car on the school run... it had been witnessed by many mothers and children. He phoned me and i told him to put the animal down ASAP. He dragged the deer over a verge then over a small wall and dispatched it with a hammer to the back of its head... traffic jam gone in seconds but a visit from the police that night to say that someone had raised a complaint as the scene had distressed the onlookers... you just can't win.

    As for your comment Muir... as you stay in Yankee-Doodle land i suppose you always do the right thing, after you have tried everything else, just like Uncle Sams finest?
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