Very quick intro to all fellow stalkers.

Regular viewer of this site but never posted to date.

Owner of Grampian Deer Management Aberdeenshire.
And no I am not here as a sales person - site desperately needs updating!


Stalking - roe
Game shooting - Run a syndicate
Fishing- salmon
Welding / fabrication (For obvious reasons!!)
Rifle building - Lathe / milling work.

DMQ LVL 1 (one of the first 200) but never have the time to portfolio the LVL 2, one day perhaps.

6mmbr custom
.223 custom
.260 based on stiller TAC 30 in progress!
6.5 x 47 Lapua based on stiller TAC 30 in progress.
2 x .22LR

Look forward to getting to know you all.