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Thread: 33 inch Waterbuck!

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    33 inch Waterbuck!

    Hi folks, just thought I'd show you this fantastic Waterbuck shot last week via one of our Outfitters. This trophy was shot just outside Tsakane, Greater Kruger and was a little over 33 inches!



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    Very nice Roo
    one on my wish list when i get back for round 2


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    Handsome beast huh, let me know when you're ready - I have a couple of guys with some exceptional examples, nyala and kudu too - exceptional wildebeest also, but thanks for the compliment, he is quite a trophy!

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    What a cracker

    Now what can I sell to pay for a trip?....anyone need a kidney?


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    Besides the trophy, the whole animal looks in good condition...It seems that South Africa will also have an excellent hunting season in 2009. Animals is in good condition and local hunters (meat hunters) will benefit a lot.

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