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Thread: Parker Hale 1200 Manual/ stock removal

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    Parker Hale 1200 Manual/ stock removal

    Just bought a parker hale 1200 monte carlo stock and rosewood foreend. I want to know how to remove the stock. Has anyone got a printable or downloadable manual please.

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    If it's a std Floor plate 1200 model then undo the rear guard screw then undo the front screw, just in front of the magazine, and lift the metalwork from the stock. See photo:-

    The two screws are visible.

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    Thanks for that Brithunter, it is a standard floor plate one. I have had to modify the stock by smoothing the rollover of the comb as i am a left hooker and did not fancy tha sharp edge in my cheek with 30.06 recoil!

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    Glad to be able to help.

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    Hi there - just bought one of these beautiful rifles in 7 x 57. They are a joy to shoot and, I think, vastly under-rated.

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    For all the Parker Hale / midland Fans..... < see here

    Very under estimated rifle IMO. Good balance, light, superb quality, shoot exellent . A keeper !

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    And here is a pic of a neat one right here...noice wood eh!

    Calibre 243W Make Parker Hale Model Safari Action Bolt repeater Scope Rings and bases Condition Very good Serial No. 01429
    Price $495 +post Advertised 3 Jun 11 Licence No

    Comments Timber work is beautiful. New recoil pad and generally in lovely order for rifle from the 70's

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