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Thread: Itt 160 gen 3

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    Itt 160 gen 3

    Itt night quest gen 3 monocular comes with military spec 3x lens 1.5x lens one surefire m1 infa red illuminator also one very powerful long range adjustable infa red laser illuminator this unit is truly a stunning night vision device, image is brilliant even on the darkest of nights without any additional lightsource the gen 3 tube is spotless with very good resolution I really do hate to sell this but it no longer gets used and the cash would be handy just now, I am looking 2000 or best offer for the kit the gen three tube has a life some of 10,000 hours so if properly looked after should last a lifetime these are very hard to come by, and would be an asset to some one with a use for a truly brilliant night vision monocular, comes with a sturdy case and full user manual any questions please ask thanks
    good luck Damian
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    How far can you see with it?????

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    In all honesty as far as your eye can see, heres a review I picked up on google that can explain it much better than me

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    Still for sale open to offers need the cash want to upgrade my current bins

    1500 anyone ?????
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    Where are you based ?


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    Hi Steve am based in N Ireland lad

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    sold pending the usual !!!!

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