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Thread: has any one ever hit a rabbit with a 243?

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    has any one ever hit a rabbit with a 243?

    hi there guys.
    i had an interesting conversation with my FEO the other day we were talking about rabbit control and he said my 243 would be fine to control rabbits!!!?? but I thought a 243 would blow one to bits what do you guys think?

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    Head shots are OK.
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    at least you wouldn't have to take the heads of after. save the knife blade i suppose.

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    As long as he conditions your FAC for it and you're not worried about cost or meat damage go for it.

    I've shot a couple with my 30.06 as a labour saving means of providing fox bait, the fox has to work harder for the rabbit bits than on a neat carcass.

    Ground bait, almost.

    Watch you backstop won't slow down or deform anything like as much as if it had been through a deer or a fox.

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    i have no intention of using that much powder on a rabbit it's just one of those err things you get onto when you have those chats. As my interest is stalking and not rabbit control A roe feeds me a lot longer than a rabbit alto i do like my rabbit curries. if i ever get asked to take care of rabbits i would still use the air rifle that does the job.

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    Sometimes do it when I want to check zero, two jobs at once, and all that

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    For target practice & of course the control of, I find the 303 sufficient to 150yds on rabbit. Seems to give them a good burrial also. A very effective calibre indeed , as it leaves very little litter.

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    shot many a rabbit out of frustration not very pc i know usually after several attempts at a fox have come up zilch ,tends to be a bit expensive !

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    much easier than putting a target up to check the .308 for piece of mind, to be fair though 22-250 with 40gr v-max is the king or rabbit mist

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    Sometimes do it when I want to check zero, two jobs at once, and all that
    A very worthwhile reason for shooting rabbit ' full bore' . I tend to go for that in open field senario or squirrel off the top of pheasant feeder in woodland setting.

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