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Thread: 243 in a 308?

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    243 in a 308?

    Following on from the .17 thread.

    A farmer mate keeps a 243 and 308, often mixing the bullets, he says the 243 fire ok in the 308 but none to accurate? the 308 wont chamber in the 243, he says he as done it accidently a few times now,

    I suggested he changes to just one rifle, or takes more care before he kills himself.

    what does the panel think?

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    If he manages to chamber the 308 in the 243 and pulls the trigger he will be in a world of hurt.


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    Take his guns and ammo off of him and give him back just one with the right ammo.

    Failing that you had better have a serious talk with him, I take it he does know that if he ever managed to chamber a 308 in a 243 something will have to give. The weakest link in the chain will go and that is the brass case, what happens after that well, the afore mentioned world of hurt is as good a place to start as any.


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    i have a .22-250/.260/308 so i Always check what ammo i take out . Twice !!

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    He also owns a 20 bore and 12 bore shotguns, but at least the 20 bores are usually yellow.

    there is a plan? colour coded rifle cartridges?

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    Use nickel cases for one and brass for the other

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    Or use Nosler Ballistic Tips for one, and regular bullets for the other?


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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn
    Or use Nosler Ballistic Tips for one, and regular bullets for the other?

    my friend fired a 25.06 out of a .270 it took him a while to work out what happened also he killed the hind,i gave away all the left over 25.06 when i went back to the .270 .its easy to have a 25 in the pocket of a little worn coat

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    Sako for 308 Feds for 243!
    dont go on about home loading, 300wsm I think was sensible, But I have handmade holders from old staff leathers , initials and cal on front of each round holder. But the mark one eyeball ,and a check also comes into play.
    Regards Trapper

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    Generally when "necked down" rounds are designed, they are usually made with the shoulder set back so the larger parent round won't chamber in the new rifle.

    You can't get a 270win to chamber and close the bolt on either a 280rem or a 30/06.

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