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Thread: No4(T) - or other 'classics'?

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    No4(T) - or other 'classics'?

    I spotted the thread regarding the 303 round for stalking; rather than hijack it with this question, I thought I should start a new thread:

    I've recently, and for no very obvious reason, started hankering to put together a No4(T) type rifle -not really sure why!

    Just wondering if anyone is stalking with rifles of that type or similar - and would be keen to see any photos.

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    Making up a 4(T) type rifle would be relatively easy at many of the mountings are available for the scope, as are the cheek pieces. Here in the US there are reproduction parts available.

    A better route might be to pick up a B-Square no-drill, no tap scope mount and mount a cheek piece on a spare piece of buttstock. (Original, unaltered #4's will eventually be worth a bit of coin; no sense screwing up what could be a nest egg.) A small tubed scope, like a Weaver K-3 would be in the spirit of things, optic wise.

    I am going down a similar route with a 96 Swede. The rife is mismatched parts and drilled for a Diopter sight so of no great value. I'll mount standard rings and bases (Leupold Opti Loc) bend the bolt straight, and put on a commercial safety and have a rifle that feels like a sniper at least. Should make for an interesting stalking rifle.~Muir

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    you could give these people a ring, they seem to have an interest in Lee Enfield, scroll towards the bottom of the page and there is a similar sight mount to the one Muir mentions.
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    Thanks fellows. Just starting out with this idea really; handled a friend's (all-matching) T the other day - he paid 600 for it 15 years ago; they're now 2.5K plus - way too much for me to feel it'd be money well spent.

    I'm still learning the new language of brackets and pads; spotted this US repro company making these: Scope & Accessory Combo Set, Enfield No. 32 MKII

    I'm thinking; nice No4 plus one of those kits and you've recreated the experience - definitely a feeling of 'old Empire' when you handle one - but just wondering if anyone else is already stalking with one.

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    They are a heavy rig for stalking. My original No4T is a great shooter but I'd sooner stalk with something else. I have, amongst my Finn rifles, a "faux" sniper built on a Model 39 SAKO. It is accurate enough for the most stringent hunting demands but the weight is awful. I may hunt with it someday, but it's far down my list.~Muir

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    there's lots of this kind of thing available in NZ either like this; as a factory post war conversion or like this;
    None of them seem to make a lot of money. The deer cullers in the fifties used to get ex govt .303s and cut "all the surplus wood and metal off" .

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    Here's a link to the scope mount I used:
    It's much cheaper than the steel one in the post above, and mounted properly is just as good.
    The pad and mount kits for replicating a No4(T) require fitting by a skilled gunsmith or an armourer with experience of doing it (a rare breed these days). Go down that route and not only will you NOT have a No4(T), you'll also have ruined any value in your No4 by drilling holes in it.
    With any of the scope mounts you will require a cheek piece fitting otherwise you'll get smacked in the jaw every time you pull the trigger. It hurts and gives you a flinch.
    With a scope mounted my No4 weighs in the region of 10.5lbs. The No5 is much better suited coming in at about 8.5lbs.
    I must say, the company linked to in the post above certainly seem very "proud" of their prices. I'm sure a cheek piece can be got for a lot less than 50.
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    I've been reading around on the web a bit on this now; seems that the repro mounts range from UK made stuff 'so good they were used by the MOD to refurb L42s for putting into war reserve' through to products delivered by China's finest engineers.

    The fitting of the pads is indeed the 'art' someone mentioned; but having now read Peter Laidler's instructions looks thoroughly 'doable'.

    I'm not sure I buy into the 'ruining a No4's value' concern. These are only 400 quid rifles, what's the worst that can happen? It's not like planning to mount a scope on a Purdey and done well, with a good repro mount I would have thought would retain its value as a poor-man's T that'd, perhaps, be more readily used than a more valuable original T.

    The modern mounting options and sporterised 303s don't do it for me; the 'old Empire' feel would come from the classic feel of the thing -wooden cheekpiece, leather scope caps and all that Think I'd have to stalk in plus-fours with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brown Dog View Post
    Think I'd have to stalk in plus-fours with it
    Or battledress and ammo boots
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