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Thread: Good morning

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    Good morning

    With the wind comming from the east,as it has been for the last few days, it limits a fair bit of my stalking,making some woods almost impossible to get to undetected, for this reason i never enjoy hunting as much as the normal westerly in my face...
    Things came together this morning as i set off on a back to front stalk, i had'nt gone far when my young dogs head went up indicating somthing ahead, i am only beggining to read the signs that its deer rather than other game when her nose goes up, few mins passed and i heard a bark then another, i glassed him at 180 yds and closing, barking as he came towards me stopping briefly to browse a bush,then continuing towards me barking all the way,by now i had a steady lean on tree and had picked the space he was heading towards that i would take the shot, he dropped stone dead to a 70yd low neck shot.

    After cleaning and hanging him in a tree i decided to move to another wood as it had just gone 6, so plenty of time. Sun was well up now so im guessing where any deer might be,out of the cold wind with the sun on thier back, i climbed a bank and glassed down into a clearing,spotting a doe at first then a nice buck, i did'nt have to move far to get a clear shot, ranged him at 170yds,steady prone shot off the bipod knocked him over with a well placed shot behind the shoulder,he is a massive buck of 51lb clean

    Turns out the cold easterly is not so bad afterall


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    Now that's a result! well done

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    Brilliant mornings results Nell and good looking beasts, aren't the Roe getting shabby now, hair everywhere.
    Summer coats will start to come through soon

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    Well done Tony mate,Cracking result,Looks like youve got your new motor as well,keep up the good work.
    Catch you later,ATB John.

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    Cheers guys, yes John pleased with it, its starting to look lived in now.... did you change yours????

    Buck, ive seen a couple of does with bare necks, well into the moult....


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    Well done Nell, great result!

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