An old man was in his house during a really strong rainstorm when the TV announced that there were flash floods in his area. Shortly, a policeman in a Land Rover stopped at the house and offered to give the man a ride to higher ground.
"No, that's OK", the man replied. "God will save me".
A little later, as the water was filling up the first floor of his house, he went to an upstairs room. Soon some Firemen came by in a boat and offered to help him out.
"No, that's OK", the man replied. "God will save me."
As the rains continued and the water got even higher, the man climbed out on the roof of his house. Then an Air Sea Rescue helicopter appeared and the rescue crew inside offered to pick him off the roof and take him to a safe place.
"No, that's OK", the man said again. "God will save me".
Eventually, the water rose again, and the man was washed off his roof and drowned.
He went to heaven and met God himself. "God", he asked, "Where were you? I've been a good Christian all my life and praised you. All I asked for was for you to save me."

God smiled at the man and said, "What do you mean? I sent you a Land Rover, a boat, and a helicopter!"