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Thread: Dscl2 paperwork?

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    Dscl2 paperwork?

    I have the old blue book and have completed two stalks with a CW and one with a AW. The AW wrote in the questions and answers to the four elements whereas my CW wrote out each question and then asked me to write in my answer - hope this makes sense? The assesors are not going to think my CW wrote out the questions and I completed the answers at a later time having first looked up the answers are they???? I have asked my CW to make a statement on his witness account that the Q and A where completed in his presence. What do you think am I being overly cautious? Incidentally that is the way my CW completed his blue book and he obviously passed. Thanks

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    As long as each witness has signed all the declarations, I don't see what the issue is. The only comment I would make is that you should thank your witnesses for writing. I get my candidates to do all the writing.

    Regards JCS

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    There are some who complete there portfolio this way it is not wrong BUT to go and look up the Answers mmmmm ,you should know them in your head, not have to look them up .

    You do not do yourself any credit following that way of answering, how will you fair when the internal verifier phones you, I don't think he'll wait till you look the answer up .
    The answers should be common knowledge as the questions are written down for all to see before hand .

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post

    As long as each witness has signed all the declarations, I don't see what the issue is. The only comment I would make is that you should thank your witnesses for writing. I get my candidates to do all the writing.

    Regards JCS
    So jcs when your candidate write a whole load of bilge do you explain it to the IV , I've been a AW for a long time I do all the writing afterwards the candidate can write up his view of his narrative stalk that way I've nothing to explain to the IV .

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    Having read Widows Son's comments, I have another to add. Remember to keep a photocopy of your portfolio so that when it goes missing in the post, you don't have to start again. Also send it by Recorded Delivery.

    Thirdly, all queries relating to your portfolio should be addressed to your Assessor and the notes at the end of the portfolio should be updated to record the advice given to you by your Assessor. I can blether on all week, but now's the time to be following the process and discussing your concerns with your Assessor.

    Good luck. JCS

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    Thanks for your comments -
    Widows Son, sorry if I did not make myself clear I answered the questions in front of the CW and did not refer to a manual for the answers. You are quite right I should know the answers and I have taken time to further my experience and knowledge since the level 1.
    JCS, my assesor advised strongly against using a CW. I have a right to use a CW under the blue book rules. My CW spent 2 years in Scotland as a professional stalker taking out clients and putting a number of animals into the food chain. I have references from his prior employer and gamedealer which I will inc with my portfolio and I believe that he is more than competent as a credible witness however I am aware of my assesors comments. Thanks again

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    As per the AW briefing we were all told, that there is no requirement to include anything other than the portfolio,
    IE no attachments photographs, references only the required signatures in the relevant areas ,the portfolios are laid out as such things are not required, the very reason there is now cd disc included showing the current requirements.

    All other enclosures attachment will not be included in the portfolio .

    DMQs words not mine .

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    Had same from assessor but spoke with my AW and he said rules are the rules if you have a blu book use CW if you have them I had 2 stalks with AW and 2 wich CW so wrote up 2AW and 1 CW had no questions asked about stalk with CW but a few asked about stalks with AW!! my AW is a top bloke and has probably forgoten more than I know about stalking! To be honest I probably wrote up my CW stalk in more deapth so there were less questions to ask about it.


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    Please remeber the porfolio is yours for the rest of your life and is a record of your achievment. If you want to put in pictures notes etc then do so.But the Assesor will normally only look at the three stalks. If you cover as much as you can and it dose take time then you leave very little to be questioned about from an IV. If you how ever make mistakes and cannot answer all the question put to you off the cuff then doubt will be put in the IV head and you will be be asked more and more questions. Lets keep it simple its only shooting and dressing out three deer. Nowt to worry about.

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