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    I am thinking of buying a .17hmr for rabbits is it right that they blow rabbits up or not ive heard so many stories i was wondering can anybody put my mind at rest and also the best round to buy so that they are still eatable if its possible to do that

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    I shoot quite a lot of rabbits with the 17HMR and no they don't blow them up. Obviously head shots will not damage the body, but if hit a bit far back they will make a bit of a mess! but there will always be meat left to eat!
    I normally chest shoot them and edible meat damage is minimal. All in all an excellent round for rabbit control. I use 17grn Hornady ammo.

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    Sometimes it makes a mess.... others you can't tell where it's been shot. I think it depends whether it hits bone or not.
    Last night I hit one in the side, bullet passed straight through leaving tiny entry and exit holes of equal size. Yet another I head shot and the result was rather gruesome.
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    Mess isn't too bad. Heads open and wee ones explode. But chest shots will be ok too.

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    I always only do head shot so meat damage is never a problem for me

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    As some others have said head shots and no problem.

    Like Si has said if you do hit anywhere else the rabbit may be resigned to the hedge, if there is no harvestable meat on it.


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    Use 20 grain HPs instead of 17grain BTs....shot 8 last night and all were for the pot.

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    thanks very much everybody who replied to my article that has put my mind at rest

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    Gents at what range would you Zero this calibre?

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