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    hi guys looking at rangefinders most seem to recomend leicia uttings have some half priced nikons i fancy the leopold rx750 do these work at night ? i would welcome any comments/ recommends

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    Hi Jethro,
    I had the busnell yardage pro's for a couple of years and they worked fine but i had an idea that i would upgrade to the Leicas so i cold use them in the lamp. in about 4 years of owning them i've never used them once whilst lamping and they are not as easy to carry in your pocket as the bushnell or Leopold models and I find them hard to hold still without using the sticks. If I had the bushnells now i wouldn't bother changing to the Leicas. Having said that the Leicas seem to be very accurate, work in very low light and are a bit better optically than the bushnells. The one thing that the Leicas win hands down on is the fact that they use a standard 9v battery that lasts forever and the bushnells use a little CR9 (i think) that seemed to last about a week even if they are not used.
    JMHO Ezzy

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