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Thread: Police caution

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    Police caution


    I was given a polcie caution a few weeks ago and I have had my SGC revoked for a few months. The caution was for threataning someone. I was hopind to apply for a rifle sometime next year for smallbore target shooting. I dont go Deer stalking, but I know alot of you will know your stuff about Rifles and the Law.

    Between us, I did not actually commit the offence. The cops offered me an easy way out and I took it.

    It was the first ever time I had even spoken to the police. Nonetheless my SGC is revoked, well for 6 months.


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    if you didnt commit the offence, then why are they revoking your shotgun certificate??? and if you are innocent there wouldnt be a problem for a rimfire providing you can prove reasonable use for it.

    As far as i know (for Avon and Somerset Police), target shooting isnt a valid enough reason.

    Growler i hope your firearm certificate application form dosent included as many typo's as both of your posts it may hinder your chances of success.

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    When I mean target shooting I mean joining a club such as the NRA. I'm not guilty of the offence, I just pleaded guilty to get the caution.

    Police state!!!!

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    it sounds like you have been led down the garden path by the police why did you plead guilty if you you wasnt

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    no not a police decided to take the caution even when you say you did nothing wrong. why oh why take the caution?????????

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    go to LEGAL ISSUES on site ,and I am sure you will get advise! Fact is if you paid a Lawer you would be quids out.

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    This is Swampy's post on cautions from the General Discussion thread on
    "Knives, where do we stand":

    the deal with a caution is pretty simple. if you commit an offence of a relatively minor nature, you fully admit it AND THERE IS SUFFICENT EVIDENCE TO CHARGE according to a cps lawyer and you meet the criteria ie no or very minor previous history you maybe offered a caution.

    if you have not comitted an offence and you are innocent you should not accept the caution as it is only offered to admitted offences. you will then be charged or summonsed to court to have your say then the court will decide.

    Sometimes we do things we would rather not have done. a friend of mind a sgc holder, got involved in an altercation at a local pub. he was provoked by a man having a really heavy verbal on his step son. my friend punched the man once in the mouth causing a cut.

    Verbal provocation, in the courts eyes, is not sufficient to punch a man. he fully admitted the offence, because he did it and takes responsibility for his actions. he was offered a caution but under dubious advice declined it. off he went to court where he was duly and rightly convicted. so now he has a conviction where he only needed a caution. he did not lose his shotgun certificate, he was very lucky to keep it.

    when a suspect is interviewed for an offence the evidence now always goes before a review lawyer so a decision can be made and RECORDED. it is auditable all the way through now and the days of wierd decisions are gone.

    we have to remember that some people get into trouble for an offence and maybe don't really accept thier responsibility so when they tell the story they embellish it a bit and make it sound like the police were wrong.

    For our purposes you can take your knife with you in a public place if have a reasonable excuse or authority. going stalking is good enough.

    we have to remember that this law is designed to protect guys like us and in normal circumstance it is no problem for us. if we are daft enough to break it then you can expect what is coming!

    Some years ago the shooting times printed a huge piece on what to do if you get caught illegally hunting. thier advice was to never accept a caution as it was only offered if the police have no evidence! this was a load of rubbish. I wrote to the editor explaining that they were a well respected journal and many people will believe unquestioningly what they write and that as a result people will get unnecassary convictions. q14 on your fm101 the FAC application forms asks for convictions NOT CAUTIONS. they did not print a retraction. this was really cynical of them.

    As I mentioned in that thread as a SG & FAC holder I would NEVER accept a caution without first getting legal advice.

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