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Thread: What do you guys think is the best brass for reloading?

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    What do you guys think is the best brass for reloading?

    And how many times do you think the ex factory brass can be reloaded if it can.

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    That's too general a question. Not only can brass (of the same make) vary from lot to lot, but what equipment you use, how well you fit the round to the chamber of your rifle, and what pressures your cartridges are loaded to will all influence the lifespan of the cartridge case.~Muir

    PS: Do you have a reloading manual?

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    No but that is the first thing i'm going to buy.
    i have herd that winchester brass is good and strong and that was the idea i was trying to get to is there any brass that stands out the caliber's i will need is .243 and 30-06.

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    When I'm reloading I use the best components I can as I don't see the point otherwise.

    For me it's Lapua or Nosler/Norma custom brass.

    The only time I use ex factory brass is if the brass mentioned above is not available in the calibre I want.


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    I read somewhere once that Norma had re-loaded and fired their own brass 100 times during laboratory tests.
    Over a long lifetime I have used most makes of brass but mainly Norma and Winchester.
    It also depends whether you neck size or full length size, I full length re-size as I load my calibres for friends also.
    As soon as a case neck splits I discard the brass and that is a rare occasion.
    If you get fired brass off someone else you MUST re-size it as their chamber tolerances may be different to your own.


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    thanks Steve.
    thats the kind of info i need do different makers use different grades of brass? and will a heaver brass have a longer life/ need less reshaping ect ect?

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    thanks stag.
    i have herd the winchester brass is good stuff. so is that the wear marks to look for then the neck splitting?

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    I use Lapua or Norma brass generally but have also had good results with Winchester cases.

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    You can make perfectly good ammo from Win, Fed or Remington brass, I found that case life with a moderate load was probably good for 8-10 recycles.

    Lapua brass is just lovely to work with, and Norma is almost as good as Lapua. I would happily bang away with Norma in all my rifles

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    First choice - Lapua - if they make brass for your cartridge or if you can neck up/down and fireform
    Second choice - Ruag/RWS - I think they make most things, but I think it has to be ordered direct from them and it is expensive. A good source for .308 byt he way is the NRA as Ruag/RWS loads their match ammunition.
    Third choice - Norma - very good reputation, but I have heard many times that you get fewer reloading cycles before the primer pockets loosen, although a lot clearly depends on the pressures you are working with.
    Nosler custom is gaining a good reputation, but I have no experience of it.
    I don't know what the above makers reputations for belted magnum brass is like, either...
    Having said all that, lots of people rate other brass brands like Remington, but they may need to be checked for wall thickness, weight sorted, etc.
    Don't forget that they all make brass of different wall thickness, which varies the internal dimensions, so if you are working close to max loads, you cannot (or maybe should not) substitute brands without working up new loads.

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