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Thread: .308 Norm mag mauser `98 commercial.

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    .308 Norm mag mauser `98 commercial.

    I previously posted this Fiddleback Maple stock after my mate John Wasson in NM (US) made it for my 308 NM which incidentally had been re chambered to 358NM.
    So I subsequently purchased a `98 commercial in 270W and had it re chambered /rebarreled to 308NM the work done by Col Crittendon at Glenrowan Vic. Its 26" TSE SS barrel is for some late arvo deer ambushes along with the 4-12 Swaro scope.

    John W is an amateur rifle builder that delves in a bit of stock work and I believe he has done a great job as a self taught man and as he said to me this stock was sent to you to be used and if it gets scratched etc so be it..its not to be a safe queen just because it has some nice wood on it. I believe there are 50 odd coats of hand rubbed oil on the timber and it changes colour as it moves in the light.

    Next step is to have her Cerakoted and then out into the bush..cant wait!

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    Nice rifle, great round. Dumoulin , the Belgian Rigby, made thousands of rifles in 308 Norma Magnum. It was the answer to the ban of 30-06 rifles in Belgium and France. I've always liked the 7 mm and 300 magnums. Strong powerfull killers.
    The rifle looks great, nice straight stock. A bit of a classic look.

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