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Thread: Recoil shields - Musto or Past?

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    Recoil shields - Musto or Past?

    I have got a bit of a problem with my shoulder so I am going to use a recoil shield whilst it is getting better.

    I was wondering if anyone can comment on which ones are best? The choice seems to be between the Musto recoil shield with D30, or one from a company called past.

    Anyone used or tried both?

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    My girlfriend has a Musto one bought for her. Altered gun fit and increased felt recoil. She gave it away.

    Is this for rifle or shotgun? If shotgun use a lighter cartridge or buy or borrow a semi

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    It is for a shotgun.

    I am going to use lighter cartridges but considering a belt and braces approach...

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    I have the Past one, both my shoulders are pretty rubbish to be honest, and I find it helps if I plan to be taking quite a few shots.

    I cannot compare to the Musto one though, not tried that.

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    I have ordered a Musto one to try - If it does not do what I want it to, I may get a Past one to try as well.

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    While taking a suit case out of the back of a car I moved two vertibra in my neck which caused a problem when shootig.
    So I had a hydraulic recoil system fitted to my game gun, job sorted I can shoot 36 gram cartridge without any real problems.
    It was made by a company called (Recoil Systems )

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    That will be the next option if I don't get on with a shield.

    I have already used one of their green pads with reasonable success.

    It was also recommended when I had the gun fitted with Sam Grice.

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