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Thread: There's gold in them there hill's !

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    There's gold in them there hill's !

    Just returned from up North and had a cracking couple of days stalking with a good mate, i have been after one of his renowned monsters for a while now but so far they have given me the slip
    I got a phone call earlier in the month to say he had seen a big un and did i want to try for it ? so the arrangements were made and i arrived for friday evening stalk .
    The ground itself is stunning with a deep valley that at times can mean the deer are bit rangey.

    My idea was to take my flat shooting .243 should the need arise, and im really pleased i did.

    The first evening saw plenty of bucks but not the one we were after, although a nice beast did make an apperance the wind and range were against us so plans were made to go for him in the morning.

    Dissaster ! as we approached the ground we could see most of the valley covered in mist , the only clear approchable area was a high slope down to a belt of trees behind a flat area of grassland.

    I stalked alone to the top of the ridge glassing as i progressed ,got nearly to the end when i spotted a couple of does roughly 200m away down on the grass.
    I watched them for a while hoping that the big buck might just come out when from below me out of view came a bark a nice six pointer ran out into the paddock giving me a good broadside safe shot
    I put a 87gn v max just behined his shoulder and the first buck was in the bag. a nice exit wound and not too much meat damage at all.

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    That evening the wind was gusting and the plan was to wait on a high point looking down to a clearing in the valley bottom, as we crawled into position there were three bucks amongst them was the monster that we had been after ! down on the bipod looking through the scope s--t ! there was too much cover and fearns between us !! my mate put his fingers to his ears anticipating the bang then realised why i hadn't taken the shot.
    I don't know who was more dissapointed me or him but at least it wasn't a botched shot
    all we could do was watch him amble off into some deep cover not to bee seen again. oh well we laughed thats another trip they have had me over

    Just as we were about to have a last look somewhere else we caught a glimp's of deer further down the valley moving towards us, two doe's and a buck .

    The Buck looked old and it was agreed if i felt confident at that range to go for him, it came to the point where he wasn't going to get any closer so i composed myself and took the shot.
    The buck never knew he had been hit and dropped on the spot a really good end to the trip, he might not have been the gold i wanted but a buck and shot i will always remember.

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    I took a picture of one of the gold medals heads from his ground to keep me going , he is kind of bashfull so no names but thanks again mate i had a brilliant time . DF

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    Sounds like a good trip and its a good friend who will invite you to shoot at medal class head. I was very glad to here you declined the shot because of vegitation some would just have went for it . Good account and a nice trophy.

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    That gold head is beautiful, your better waiting to the rut time to take your gold when the antlers are coloured up and polished like that one.

    Good luck for your next trip.


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