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Thread: Wild boer in Burlin on BBc

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    Wild boer in Burlin on BBc

    just seen news item Berlin has problems with boar in the city streets they have employed a hunter to shoot them as they are making a mess of cemetrys and parks also biting people who will not feed them
    likend to foxes in brtish cities

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    Saw that clip. Looking forward to seing them in our country side in those sort of numbers. Be worth getting hog caseings in bulk buckets then ;-)

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    Wild Boar have always been a problem in Berlin and are quite often featured in the the local (German) newspapers.
    About two years ago an armed guard (German Jaegers) were put on the main cemetary in Berlin as the Boar were in straight after funerals trying to dig up the bodies and eating the floral tributes.
    I can't remember the exact number but over a period of a week something like one hundred were shot.

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    EmcC must be a slow news day then

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    What!?, no weddings!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by roedeerred View Post
    EmcC must be a slow news day then

    I've heard of ground baiting for fish but the thought of using cemeterys to attract wild Boar !!
    Apparently it is still an on going thing but I just haven't managed to get in on it

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    could it make funerals cheaper . I have heard of leaveing bodies to sciance but donating for boar baiting
    Cloud it be a business oppertunity

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    Boar are also a problem in the suberbs of Paris, i have a copy of sangler- passion that has an article on them having a wildboar shoot in one of the suberbs (La Foret de saint-germain en Laye) when hunters were called in by the police after the boar were attacking the local joggers and dog walkers .This area has between 2 and 3 million visitors a year!!
    The police closed a lot of roads around the area so the pigs could be driven accross them to the standing guns ,this was done on a sunday morrning on the 22nd October 2008.

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    i lived in Berlin for 5 yrs and there was an annual shoot in the grunnyveld forest where over 200 boar were shot,the British military cemetery is on the heir strasse the main road that runs through Berlin and is at the side of the forest.Berlin itself is built within the forest and for the 5 yrs i was there the numbers were low and you never saw any in the streets. It just goes to show what a good cull and an effective management plan can do
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