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    Lame deer

    Always a dilemma when a deer has a serious lameness ..I have a cracking fallow buck who I have observed for 1month with a pronounced limp resulting from a right shoulder injury,I left him to get over it for a few weeks and saw him yesterday, he has cast his rack and is hanging out with his regular lads..he sits down a lot but is in overall good condition, the problem is a couple of people have seen him and commented on his problem as a deer manager I would like him to see another rut....if I am honest I do feel that the deer is suffering so my inclination is to cull him out of season on humane grounds, ie do what is right by the animal...I guess that creates another vacancy for a master buck..I have made my decision but invite my deer colleagues views as it is always nice to share our mutual problems ATB Anton

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    I always believe we should replicate nature best we can, and if we still had predators he would be food!
    Also, if he is suffering you should take him out on the grouds of humanity and deer welfare irrespective of season. He is unlikely to take part in the next rut anyway if he is not fit and well surely?
    There will be another to take his place!
    Sad, but it happens.

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    I`d cull him Anton seems like the old boy is past his prime and will only suffer in his current state, you will soon have another buck that will take up his esteemed position.
    Anglo deer management and training
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    You are both in agreement with my final decision, although I am going to hate doing it , I have known him for 4 an aside it is a fact that some mature bucks/stags are injured by prickets as well as other mature adults, we once had a sika stag that had a hole in it that looked to all intentions like a .308 entry wound, it was dead and on examination 2" of pricket spike was removed from inside the ribcage.....nature is hard. Thanks guys for your comments, Cheers Anton

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    I agree . I have a cracking buck and a younger buck to cull. Both seem to be fine but I also feel with natural predators they would be gone . The other problem is Joe public may assume a bad shot placement by the deer manager/stalket !

    Atb Steve

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    Forgive me for asking lads but why have you left these decisions until the day after the end of the season? I know that you can justify shooting out of season on welfare grounds but if you had shot them last week you wouldn't have had to justify your actions. JC

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    If he survived an accident , is eating well , is enjoyed to view & is with out any pain, leave him be. If he struggles & looks like a liabilty , do whats best

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    Hi jc275,I know what you mean but I guess I was putting off the inevitable and it would be still legal on humane grounds now....I gave him a chance to recover but not to be, the other deciding factor is the fact that he will be chivvied and hassled out of the herd before the rut,I have had those "gone over" bucks get a miserable time trying to contest for dominance and being injured will cause him extra grief....thanks all for your comments, Anton

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