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Thread: merits of a hwv

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    merits of a hwv


    Dogs never cease to amaze me. Took my 2 year old hwv out yesterday evening. So far he has pointed deer , flushed and picked up without much encouragement. While stalking through a field he went on point towards a copse of wood. Carefully peering through I saw 2 fox cubs playing. Watched them run ro the earth which he also found. Interestingly enough he has also learnt to find the kids tortoise in the garden . I will be looking to breed a pup from him as i am so impressed with his ability.

    Atb Steve

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    merits of a HWV

    Its great to be impressed with the abilities of your dog. but I am afraid these ablilities are normal for a HWV even at two years old.Let your dog settle,no disrespect but teach him that when stalking its deer that you are after not fox.As the dog matures and they are slow to mature they only get better with age.for a HWV 2yrs is much too young to make any decisions.
    Arthur at four and a half tracks deer,acts as long distance deer detector,beats and picks up on commercial shoots,when the wind is right can detect a wounded bird across two fields and is master of the long lost retrieve.Take some time and do some trial to prove the dog before you breed.
    Above all enjoy
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    I was praising the breed not my dog in general. But thanks for your advice.

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    Got to agree with the long distance retrieving, mine is great with those birds which make it a long way, even picked up on hand signals even though he was never trained as such for that type of work.
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    Great photo mudman what lines is he from

    Atb Steve

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    I not know offhand, I've got the papers soemwhere but not seen them for a while.... Some TA officer from Wakefield who ran a boarding kennels bred him. Sire I think was imported and like Raff is almost a long coated version of the breed. 6pointers Buck is a spitting image too.

    I was given him at 4 years old as his owner was emigrating and wanted him to go to a working home. TBH it took a while to get used to him after having had two pig headed labradors previously.

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    It's handy having a dog that will find tortoise's!

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    It is when my kids have 3 of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bordersman View Post
    It is when my kids have 3 of them
    At the price of them you don't want to loose one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    It's handy having a dog that will find tortoise's!
    Don't want to go off topic but my GWP's speciallity is finding and bringing back hedgehogs!!! Bloody sore when out at night and she runs into the back of your leg with one in her mouth!!! It's like getting stabbed.

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