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Thread: sunny sussex

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    sunny sussex

    I went down to malc's lease yesterday for an am & pm stalk, 5am start, and what a great day it was to be out in the country side, the sun came up early light breeze and a joy to shoulder the rifle and go for shearch for a buck! after spotting a couple we came across a buck feeding 10 yards for the wood at first i thought my luck was in, great postion buck browdside on, then he lifted his head ?$% me he's a good'en we both agreed his antlers were a good 4/5 inches above his ears, sorry mate you he's to good to be shot at the moment! no worries lets move on, 5 mins later malc said we will stop on a corner of a wood for 5 and see i terned around then malc said get the sticks up there's a buck on the edge, quick!! on the on the sticks bang! i saw the buck jump then in the wood he went, a moment passed the he let his dog todd off to search, great to see the deer dogs do there stuff, the deer only ran ten yards and todd had him within no time,
    pm came and i went for a stalk with robin on a differant patch, sun was still out and we watch the local wildlife as we walked, the wind was up abit and robin was glassing for deer in the places where they would be tucked up out of the wind we covered some ground then out popped a doe standing 10 yards away just watching us
    we then came across a buck laying down in a tractor rutt! he's head just showing with 2 small spikes for antlers, he was a future murder buck so he had to go!! 2 deer in two outing it was a good day for me yesterday and i would like to thank Malc, Sandra, and Robin for a very nice day Chris.

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    well done mate, got any pics ?

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    Congratulations and well done on a productive day, good old Malc always goes that extra mile to make sure his clients are well and truly satisfied.



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    I had a great time out with Malc a few weeks back and saw two outstanding bucks. Look forward to getting out again later in the year.

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    Sorry lee i didnt have a camera i allways seen to forget something, including my roe sack in the car ended up carrying the deer up hill over the shoulder lucky robin had his drag robe in his pocket, your right p/control i think everybody that has been out with malc said they have had a good day
    i must admit he makes me laugh when he tells of his stories of his stalking days!!

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    Sounds like a real good do and nice to see a dog working .Take the camera next time its like reading a book with out picture,s

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    Nice old buck mate well done

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    sikamalc = top bloke/top ground,i can throughly recommend his services



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    well done to you jewfish, more satisfied customers for malc i hope the butler was looking after all ? happy days.

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