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Thread: Stalking sticks

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    Stalking sticks

    New to stalking - mainly woodland, and want to get a stalking stick but I'm not really sure what to get.

    What are the +/- of BI or TRI and which are the brands I ought to be looking at?

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    I get these made for me by a friend.
    My clients love them and I can't get enough of them.

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    Nuts...Ive just bought some too..ah well, all do the same thing I guess.

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    Try Homebase and make a set of these.

    Regards JCS

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    two bits of straight winter felled hazel the height of your nose. One doughnut-type car exhaust hanger ( a loop of rubber about half inch diameter with a hole about 2" across). Fully adjustable realtree sticks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post

    Try Homebase and make a set of these.

    Regards JCS


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    If you can find a streight piece of hazel or similer about 1inch diameter and a thin bolt .get the sticks cut down the center bolt about 4 inches from the top you have bi pod sticks to last for years they look natural and you have satisfacion of having made them yourself.

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    I too would like to buy a set of sticks I favour the tripod setup. I have over the years tried the green canes in various configurations, my current sticks I made, are a full lenght tripod version of the one's on varmint al's site, these work ok - rotation the biggest problem, if a legs doesn't have a real good anchor.
    I have been considering the "Knobloch's" and the "Bogpod's "by boggear , then today I got sporting rifle and the guy on the cover is using a set made by "Decoy"?.
    Seeland,and and seem to do these and from the pictures are very similar to the bogpod's.

    But the best set of tripod sticks I have seen and tried belong to a friend,I think he got them in south africa, the legs are telescopic and at the top is a triangle of leather like the top of one of those collapsable stools. They are a bit heavy but very stable.
    I don't mind sending a few quid if they work right. I have no experience with any of the commercially made one, so opinions appreciated.
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