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Thread: A WHT Stamp for stalkers?

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    A WHT Stamp for stalkers?

    A contributor to an earlier thread suggested that stalkers consider supporting the work of the WHT.

    Currently, the principle beneficiaries of the work of the WHT are wildfowling groups, but I can see no reason why, given sufficient support, the stalking fraternity shouldn't also benefit. Many of us have taken advantage of the current Stalking Schemes and, I'm sure, would be only too happy to see these developed further.

    If the revenue was put towards the conservation or purchase of land suitable for stalking, how many SD contributors would consider purchasing an annual "Deer Stamp" ?
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    Will they release healthy fit deer ,into areas where there is an abundance of land , to keep us busy , free of red tape & legislation . I seem to remeber the AONB & National park schemes saying nothing would change !! Until they gained strength, money & told us to F off !
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    They would no more release healthy, fit deer than do 'fowling groups release wildfowl. The current schemes operate within the ranges of natural populations and serve as means of manangement as would any other DMG.
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    But where would they send those without anything to do for a week?....... still I'd buy the stamps, just to show good faith.
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    Just two, then?
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    As it says on the WHT web site, the Wildlife Habitat Trust (WHT) is dedicated to raising and distributing funds to help with the acquisition of land either for shooting, especially wildfowling or for nature conservation, or both.

    The WHT provides grants to help manage sites for wildlife and is now turning its attention to providing some support for local and national Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs).

    Most recently, grants have been given to help with the conservation of grey partridge, water voles and dormice. These grants support the conservation objectives of the RSPB, the Environment Agency and English Nature.

    There is nothing stopping a stalking group from applying for funding.

    Itís taken a long time for WHT to build up the reserves it now has, and if you set up another trust you will simply double the costs of administering / promoting the trust, so maybe itís better to concentrate on just one trust for shooters?


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    Thank you, David. That's excellent news and should be warmly welcomed by the stalking fraternity.

    I feel I should point out that I made no mention of setting up a second trust. My suggestion was solely that a deer stamp be issued to entice stalkers to contribute to the fund. It would also raise awareness amongst stalkers that they too can play a greater role in conservation projects.
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    there as already been stamps featuring Grey Partridge and Blackgrouse so I cannot see any reason why deer cannot be featured.

    The WHT is very important for wildfowling as there are only a limited number of locations where the sport takes place, the vast majority of which are also prime sites for vaious conservation bodies such as the RSPB wishing to buy up land for reserves. 10's of thousands of acres of former wildfowling ground have been lost in this way as the wildfowling clubs just could not compete against the spending power of the RSPB et al. The WHT at least provides a source of funds (in the form of loans) to allow the clubs at least a chance of fighting back and gives them some means of buying land if/when it comes on the market.

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    Sorry Iwrch if I misunderstood your point and I would agree that there is no reason a deer could not be on a stamp, but ducks have featured heavily as the stamp tends to be best supported by the wildfowling community.

    I think non duck species have only featured occasionally as there is a risk that the traditional WHT market may not be so keen to buy a Ďnon duck stampí but lets see what we can do to get ALL shooting disciplines supporting the WHT and building a lager fund.

    I also fully support what mudman says - the more land shooters can secure the better if we don't then someone else will!!


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