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    dillon 550b

    hi,can anybody give me a rough s/h price for my dillon 550b,its in excellent condition it has the 243 22-250 shell plate plus the 223 plate,the powder dispencer the screws on top,fail safe link,spare tool head,case catcher bin,large and small powder bars,dillon manuals and parts list,i'm just thinking of getting a forster co ax press as i don't reload large amounts of rounds at one sitting,or can anyone give me a reason to keep it and not get a co ax??atb

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    I can't. The Co-Ax is the best press out there.~Muir

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    I own a 550b and a Rockchucker.

    The 550 produces excellent loads - I use it as a single stage.

    I bought my 550b second hand twelve?? years ago for a tenner.

    If yours is for sale - i'll offer you fifty quid plus carriage..

    I wouldnt part with mine........

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