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Thread: level 2 expiration

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    level 2 expiration

    Quick question about completing DSC2. You have 3 years to complete it. Is that complete or submit?? Reason I ask is a guy wants me to take him out for a CW stalk but he only has til 5th May before his time is up. If the expiration date is the final submission date then he better hope we get lucky tomorrow or I reckon he's about stuffed.

    This little exercise is also a perfect summary of both sides of level 2. I know people get ripped off but this fella has left it until the last month of his portfolio to get his last 2 stalks in. He asked a mutual friend who put him onto me and another mate. The other mate has charged him 50 an outing for 2 outings (on my mates ground) that have turned out blank. I took nothing (yet)from him for a succesful trip on my ground. He is now all over me to get his last stalk succesfully in the last few days. A cynical soul might think he wants to exploit my good nature rather than part with any dosh. As it stands I dont fancy him getting out with me again after tomorrow evening .

    To make matters worse we have already shot the dumbest deer in Yorkshire so I'm not sure if he can get that lucky twice

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    If he has left it this long I would be asking if he has enough experiance to pass he my find his assesor takes the same view. also he has to show you he is capable.if deer have to be that dumb for him it is no test of his ability.I have been in similer position myself before now spent all day from 7am to 7pm and never even got a deacent thankyou so I am very synical.

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    I'm afraid some people will always seek to take advantage of kindness.... they see it as weakness !!!!!

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    Being in the loop on this one.. hes not come to the end of the 3 years, hes coming to the end of the 3 years + an extention already.. dubious reasons were given for extension.

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    I have been at the end of thankless souls who are to will to exploit you because of your good nature. For me its no more and the genuine guys will now suffer. CHARGE HIM!! Unless you think your time is worthless.

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    He would have shot a roe buck the other morning and a very nice one after it was pointed out to him then he proceeded to f---k about until it dissapeared he would appear to be clueless i would not pass anyone who has so little idea ! He would not even have seen the deer unless it was pointed out to him fail fail springs to mind untill they come back having done some more training etc You should be charging the same 50 outing not many people offer free stalking and chuck in level 2 assessing
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    didnt realise you had been out with him? See what i was on about!!

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    It was'nt me but i was out and only i shot something !!! But i got the full tale from our friend over breakfast !

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    patently.. did our friend buy breakfast?! Just emailed work about leave for arran btw.

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    I think you know the answer to that NO i did he had no money the others got their own !!!!! And id never met the chap till breakfast im to kind for me own good i wonder how he got on today the thread starter was taking him out today i believe ?

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