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Thread: Firearms Import - South Africa

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    Firearms Import - South Africa

    Just confirming that nothing has changed.

    1. Check with your airline how they handle your rifles at Jo'burg. Some take them direct to the SAPS office, others expect you to identify them in the luggage carousel are before they take them to the SAPS office.

    2. The SAPS office is still where it always was (A1 on the left as you pass the last "security" guy). If you come in at A2 to have to go to A1 and walk towards the arrival area. Sign now up for SAPS office.

    3. All you need is a completed SAPS520 form. Don't sign it until asked to. Original passport, Firearms Certificate, flight ticket and letter of invitation from your outfitter. I provide copies attached to my SAPS520.

    4. Be bold and loud. Junior PC on the right will start the process, hand off to the Sergeant to his right who inputs into the computer and then hands off to the Inspector who hand fills your temporary permit. All in all a 30 minute process.

    Time from plane touching down to leaving the airport carpark was 50 minutes.


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    Just getting this to the top.

    Hoping travellers this year will update.


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    Got back from my latest trip yesterday.

    International arrivals will come in on A1 or A2. Which ever one you exit from just head RIGHT. Keep walking and you hit the SAPS Firearms office, you really can't miss the new office or signs to it.

    I handed over my SAPS520 form "and photocopies of my documents" as well as originals. They didn't look at originals and handed them straight back.

    I had my Permit before both my rifle cases arrived!

    Once serial numbers checked I was off.

    Time from aircraft wheels touching down to getting into my mate's car was 50 minutes!

    Still the same ancient IT system used and non functioning photo copier.


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    Anyone any experience of flying into Joburg, hunting in SA then flying out to Namibia and after hunting there just flipping back through Joburg on the way home?

    Thinking about the multiple entry issue on the SAP Permit. Is it an option?


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