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Thread: Medal Buck [maybe ,just maybe]

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    Medal Buck [maybe ,just maybe]

    Hoof and Paw off the site came up for a stalk and i met him on the motorway roundabout at 6.30 pm .Off to the ground and got there at 7pm .Sun was shining but a wind had got up a bit which i knew would affect the deer a bit .Four big fields is all i have here but its a good bit of ground to have for the deer .A pond is at the centre and its where i shot the first buck of the season .We set off on a boundary stalk to check if anything was out yet but nothing .The second time round we stalked slower as the magical hour was upon us .Sure enough a buck was moving down a hedge from right to left infront of us and at 90 degrees to us .I asked H+P to take him when he turned the corner towards us as the vegitation was very high where he was as its a set aside beetle bank area .He appeared to be a malform with only one right side antler visable .The buck however had other ideas and went through the hedge and away before turning the corner .We stalked up the hedge to where i intended to leave H+P for a vigil until dark and i went the other way heading for nowhere in particular .I spotted a white backside at distance on the far hedge and the bins revealed a buck of good size .He was striding out a bit probably on a territorial boundary check .I hurried up the hedge to my right to where i could get in front of him and ran acrosss the field using a couple of hen houses for cover.Composing myself i looked through the bins and saw him coming around a dog leg in the hedge so hurried the bipod out to full length and waited .It was apparent that he wasnt going to stop of his own accord being on a propper mission ,so i whistled to which he stopped and paid the ultimate price with a 100 grainer slamming into his chest at maybe 120 yds .The light was fading fast now but i saw his head go back and his legs flail a bit before he charged off into the hedge only to bounce out and make another 20 yds before hitting the hedge again ,this time crashing into it for a final dash .Found him legs up just inside a double hedge .A good head with a bit of weight to it hopefully .

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    Forgot to add this pic of a close up of his face as he has a puncture wound below his right eye ,probably from another buck .Deep enough to put half my finger in .

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    Nice looking buck foxdropper , well done

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    What a cracker, it will be interesting to see it when its cleaned off and see how deep that puncture hole is.

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    Hope it makes a medal for the lad nice animal.

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    Looks a stone waller for a medal fella.Seems long and very thick and will be interesting to see the weight of it.Well done.

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    Well done looking at the thickness id say deff medal more likely a GOLD !!!!

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    Great buck, I would second that of 375 mag, looks gold to me.

    I have a silver on my wall at home and this looks bigger. It did make silver, by just 1 point though!!

    Well done, would like to see a photo when boiled out.


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    nice looking buck

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