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Thread: Browning Liege 12b

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    Browning Liege 12b

    Selling my Browning Liege Game Gun. (The Liege was the Belgian-made predecessor to the cheaper Japanese-made Citori).

    Hopefully you'll be able to see that it has pretty unusually superb wood; although could probably do with re-bluing to see its true prime.

    In terms of wear; there are several blood spots on the barrel; the bottom of the action has the bluing thinned away (think you can see it in the pics -although the flash has picked up every spec of dust too!).

    Must also point out something I'd forgotten over the years but tried to show in the top lever pics - either side of the action has a screwdriver mark level with the top lever. It's from about 20 years ago when I last had it serviced and the muppet doing it forced the action out of the stock. There's a slight lift to the metal on the left hand mark. This'd be easily sorted at the same time as rebluing.

    26" Barrels. Chokes 1/2 and improved.

    Asking 550 (plus shipping)

    Will consider p/x (cash either way) for recoiless air rifle suitable for cheap centrefire target practice (if that makes sense!).

    Any questions, or sensible offers, please drop me a PM.

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    Prince of wales stock ? what year was it made looks like a mid to late 70s gun ?

    Cracking little game gun,thats well cheap hope you get a sale fella.

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    what type of cheap centre fire are you after.

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    Chris, I'm after a recoilless air rifle suitable for cheap centrefire practice .

    A perfect choice would be a Walther LGR with l/h or ambidextrous stock.
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    i have not any of them mate.but good luck with the sale matt.

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    Do you still have the Leige 12 bore for sale ?
    If so can you please let me know the length of the stock ?
    Best Regards

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    I know guns can often take a while to sell - but four years?
    Thread necrophilia at it's best.

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