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Thread: Roe Deer

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    Roe Deer

    I was out this morning and saw quite a few deer 17 in one feild. All in winter coat and happy feeding together. Looks like the kick out has not happend in my area yet. Seems funny when others are seeing summer coats and territorial bucks on there patch.

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    Davie- sure this wasn't a deer farm you were at? Wish we had that many in one area! Take back what you said about deer per sqkm, your figure of 40 should be 100 Nice photo as usual

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    That is odd, in my experience this fine weather has accelerated all things (NNE Lancs & Kirkudbright)

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    May i add the other fields were empty
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    You must have some very laid back landlord if any of mine saw that i would be out on my ear faster than the hottest reload

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    Lets just say its not the FC roedeerred .But the landowner is quite happy with us the numbers are well down on two years past.

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    you must have thought all your birthdays had come at once when you first got it then

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    east wind still playing havock here, cannot find a deer anywhere in yorkshire.

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    John I recon they have been blown noth of the wall

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    think you must be right.
    hope the wind blows them back.
    it would be the only good thing to come from a nth wind.

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