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Thread: CZ .17 Trigger

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    CZ .17 Trigger

    I was just wondering if anyone on here knows how to adjust the trigger pull of a CZ 452 american (i think thats what it is). I have been using it for some rabbit control recently and really dont like how heavy the trigger is. I would replace it with something like a jewel but i dont use it enough to warrant that.

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    i think you can buy a kit from rimfire madjic

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    Quote Originally Posted by badger 260 View Post
    i think you can buy a kit from rimfire madjic
    They respond quickly to an order, and the kit was pretty easy to fit too. On youtube there are a few videos, search CZ trigger and get some tips from there. I used a hex nut to support the trigger while I drove out the pins, and did not need to file away any material or use any glues.

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    Buy trigger kit from SYSS (Rimfire Magic)

    The kit comprises of two brass culinders to ajust the sear engagement and three springs of heavy, medium and light weights.

    The kit takes ten mins to fit for a competant DIYer who has the right sized drifts.

    You need to conduct slam fire and bounce safety tests after the kit is fitted.

    I suggest you use the medium spring for a far better pull that still allows 100% sear engagement every boilt cycle.

    Ive fitted 30 + of these kits, they improve the CZ452 no end.

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    pop it over to Rakers at Petworth.They put a new trigger on my CZ for less than 20 and it is the dogs doodaahs and they will probably do it while you wait.

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