My second post,as first was a bit brief
I have just bought a rifle off here which is how i found you,what a good forum it is
Have not got much experience stalking,but see plenty of munties on my land,hence the purchase of the cz .223 lux (just need a slip on mod now).
Been shotting for 2 years now,started with a AA410 .177 PCP which was a brilliant little rifle,but sold that so i could buy the .22lr for rabbiting which is twice a week lamping off the bcak of the 4x4.
Got a lovely sxs for pigeons,again bought from a member on here,it is the perfect fit which is a first for any of my shotguns,once i sell my hatsan this will be my only shotgun after owning many i am now happy.
Am also waiting for a new dog,a lab from local chap who has been breeding for 10 years with good lines and pedigree,so i know its worth waiting (8 months so far)for as no health issues and proven ability.