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Thread: Anyone good with composites/fibreglass?

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    Anyone good with composites/fibreglass?

    Im looking at getting an adjustable comb raiser for one of my rifles, possibly two. Ive seen the defensive edge kind which are a shell which has some friction screws to hold at the right height. If they were in the UK i would probably just buy one but seeing as theyre in the USA and the amount of hassle and money trying to get one i thought i would see if anyone had a business in composites or knew where i could get one made.. Ive thought about getting a fibreglass kit and doing it myself but i can see it ending in disaster!!

    Defensive Edge Products



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    wife is a web site designer for a boat building company ,she says they work with f glass all day long .one of her colleagues made a guitar with it .hunt out a local boat builder ? who knows
    regards norma

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    Flyingfisherman you have someone close to you that does wonders with composites. I'll contact him and see if its ok to pass his details to you.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    It looks more like a stiff plastic sheet.

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    Who does thermoplastic moulding looks l a semi rigid sheet could be warmed and moulded a plastic gutter could do the trick just a suggestion try a short length of 6inch black plastic gutter and warm with hot iron or maybe you could use the oven if the wife will let you.I know gutter will soften with heat then harden again.

    Just looked at pic again recon that would do it.

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    PM ejg on here, he might be able to help.

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    Looks like kydex: the stuff you can make diy knife sheaves with, warm it up and you can shape it how you please.

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    I have a thermoplastic adjustable comb raiser; I fitted mine to my Pro Hunter stock. When you buy one off the shelf, they are pre moulded to fit Remington 700. I moulded my cheek piece to fit my Steyr, which is easy to do: Heat up your plastic comb raiser to near its Tg which is around 50C, then form it around your stock, let it cool down, find the desired placement of the comb raiser, then drill two holes in-line with the two slots.

    I did think about making up a mould so I could lay up a couple off carbon fibre versions of this. The reason I didn’t is that carbon fibre is very stiff and it wouldn't be as forgiving as the thermoplastic version. Therefore they might not be any good unless I took a moulding from the stock it was going to be fitted to.

    Best regards

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    I have the glass pm me and we can talk

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    i use moulded thermoplastics at work also do some cold lamination. to make a raiser from either technique you would want a positive mould of the stock then mould a cradle and build up whatever you wanted from there. it would be easy enough if you have the ovens and vacuum facility. ive often thought about laminating a complete stock but never got round to it.

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